A Springtime Duel

Once upon a time, Tarin Morris was a prized, pretty thing. As a slave in the harems of some of the wealthiest and cruelest men it was only his looks and willingness to obey that mattered. Now as a free man, Tarin lives by selling his skills with a sword to the same wealthy men that once owned him. He fights their petty duels of honor when they’d not risk their lives or sully their hands.

Only as an early spring duel goes awry, his life starts to unravel and his life will never again be the same as it once was…

WARNING: This story does NOT contain explicit slash. It DOES contain hints of heterosexuality, but this story is essential as the introduction to the next, which WILL contain slashy goodness!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

 Chapter Six

 Chapter Seven

 Chapter Eight

 Chapter Nine

 Chapter Ten

 Chapter Eleven

 Chapter Twelve

 Chapter Thirteen

 Chapter Fourteen

 Chapter Fifteen

 Chapter Sixteen

 Chapter Seventeen

 Chapter Eighteen


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