The Lies We Tell

Valentine York kept his life safe, simple and easy to deal with. He liked it that way, liked knowing everyday would be like every other day. He had his life planned out, the woman he’d marry, they home they’d share. Until his sister and her family are killed and his fiancĂ©e dumps him and his plans fall apart.

Gavan Maddocks’ life is complicated. It takes skill to balance his days between work and his boyfriend, oh and his half crazy cousin, Tristram, too. Trist is an unstable handful but the cousin’s lives are entwined.

When Val stumbles across Gavan and the controlled chaos of his cousin Trist one rainy, cold night, truths will be spoken and answers will be forced from darkness into light.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 45

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