Heroes & Ghosts

Kenichi liked to keep to himself. He liked working with his insects on the secure, middle of no where space station. He was proud of his simple, quiet life and if it was lonely, well, he knew it would be isolated when he signed up. As the only gay man on a station of 16 other straight people, he was used to having no romantic elements in his life.

The Lies We Tell

Valentine York kept his life safe, simple and easy to deal with. He liked it that way, liked knowing everyday would be like every other day. He had his life planned out, the woman he’d marry, they home they’d share. Until his sister and her family are killed and his fiancée dumps him and his plans fall apart.

Visions & Shadows

Teagan Walsh’s health has always been fragile so he’s turned his life and world to one more solitary, more within his reach. It’s the ideal of an Ireland free of English rule and the harsh penal laws that spurs him onward, plotting rebellion has become something of a family hobby. Until he meets Daniel O’Raian, a man of few words and many thoughts.

Snowflake & Embers

Deseem was to be a gift to God, trained from birth to be a priest but when his father, the king, is short on allies and heirs he’s ordered to become a Bentan Bride. Left with no choices and options he braces himself for the worst.

What the Wind Carries

Doctor Thomas Lambry has lost most interest in caring about anyone, personally or professionally. His primary concern is to look out for himself and nothing more. But when he rescues a beautiful blonde damsel in distress his life gets turned upside down.

All Souls Pass

Everyone knows that Vampires, Elves and other magical creatures are real. Everyone knows that a love spell can be cast if you find the right Witch and pay their price. Everyone knows that Vampires are, at most, half blooded and Witches, well you’d be lucky to have find one strong enough to make the spell work.


August is pretty certain life can’t get any better. Happily married to a wonderful man and about to graduate and take the vows of a Guide, it’s all falling into place. He’s on the fast track to personal and political success.

A Springtime Duel

Once upon a time, Tarin Morris was a prized, pretty thing. As a slave in the harems of some of the wealthiest and cruelest men it was only his looks and willingness to obey that mattered. Now as a free man, Tarin lives by selling his skills with a sword to the same wealthy men that once owned him. He fights their petty duels of honor when they’d not risk their lives or sully their hands.

A Summertime Storm

Tarin’s life has never been what anyone could consider predictable, but the events of the last few months have shaken him to his core. As he picks up his life and tries to take things day by day he finds himself caught between a hazy acceptance of his situation and the bitter guilt of surviving. When he does a favor for a new found friend he finds himself lost in a new world and maybe lost in a new love as well!

If I Lay Here

Noah has spent his life just slipping by without standing out in grades, skills or even to his busy parents. At almost eighteen and a few months from graduating high school he still hasn’t a clue what he wants to do or be when he grows up. The only thing he does know is that he’s quietly lusted for a fellow classmate since he was old enough to know what lust was. Sadly, Riley is about as straight as straight could be and even his desires slip from between Noah’s fingers. Until the world comes to an end and all the rules change and Noah finds himself without the luxury of merely sleepwalking through his own life.

New Again

Cole Manner, (yes his parents did hate him to give him a stupid name like that), has been on a quest to find his place in the world. Over the past few years he’s traveled and worked whatever job he could find where ever the winds had taken him and for the most part he’s enjoyed his new outlook on life.