All Souls Pass Chapter Two

The club quickly began to grate on Macy’s nerves. No amount of sex was satisfying, it only left him hornier and dancing just made him want sex. The booze wasn’t bad but again, it was boring. The flirting that normally amused him so much all sounded the same and the parade of faces all trying to be something they weren’t only served to make him pissy. In the end he gave up, retrieved his coat from the checkroom and shrugged into it.

It was snowing outside, had been for hours from the looks of things. Icy cold air swept across his club-flushed skin and chilled it, giving a pleasant contrast. He liked the cold winter nights where his breath plumed out in icy little clouds. Even the little shivers a quick, unexpected cold gust of wind could carry with it was refreshing and something he relished. The people waiting in the falling snow to get inside the club didn’t appear to agree with him.

On another night he’d linger and watch them shiver, wait to see how much they’d tolerate to be allowed inside. Tonight, however, he felt restless and he let his feet carry him out down the snow-covered sidewalk. The streets were emptying out, the late hour and gathering snow on the roads made traffic limited but Macy felt drawn to that.

It was dark, silent, almost deserted looking. The soft snow reminded him of different places where pavement didn’t cover everything and snow brought with it the same silence. He liked the way his feet broke the untouched snow, the black sailing in a sea of white frost. Even the sound of his steps crunching made him happy and Macy let the night carry him on further than he’d intended.

It didn’t surprise him when he finally glanced around to find himself in the seedy side of town. There were cars here, driving slowly in the snow and to eye the few prostitutes brave enough or desperate enough to venture the cold. It seemed silly to see the women teetering around on the icy slick streets on frightfully high heels, wearing skirts so short they may as well have been naked, yet bundled under heavy coats in vain efforts for warmth.

At least the handful of male hustlers had it a little better off. Most were in jeans but they lacked the heavy coats and tended to huddle together, shivering, in thin denim jean jackets and other short coats that didn’t cover their asses. Macy let his eyes wander over them and found nothing of interest. Even on a good night finding a woman or man more interesting than what he could find at the clubs was rare but the snow had driven most away. Those that remained watched him with guarded wary eyes and he didn’t blame them, he was dressed more like a pimp than a john.

Which was fine, Macy knew his own limits and interested or not he rarely refused a come on. It just seemed wrong to fuck a whore in an alley when the snow had padded the city in a layer of innocence. Didn’t matter that the few cars circling around were churning the show into dirty slush or that there weren’t any holiday lights glittering in reds, blues and whites in this neighborhood, Macy liked to pretend the world was pure, if only for a few hours.

He was more than happy to stay on away from the handful of people out so late as he made his way to the end of the street. Half way there he felt eyes on his back and was reminded that the hookers and johns weren’t the only creatures out so late. There was no point to pausing and offering a threat; if the eyes were connected to humans they wouldn’t understand. If they were connected to something else, well, a threat would only escalate the matter. Another night, he’d push the matter just for shits and giggles but tonight he just wanted to go home.

Human or other, they must have been territorial because once Macy reached the end of the street the feeling of being watched went with it. Which was fine with him, the night was peaceful looking and he wasn’t going to shatter that illusion unless forced. It was nice leaving the grim reality of life back in the street behind him and he started focusing on the snow as his footsteps carried him away once more.

It even smelled clean, as clean as the air ever smelled in the city at least. Crisp in the coldness and sharp too, he could smell the water as it floated down, like rain with razor sharp edges. A scent flitted over the smell of snow like the flavoring on a snow cone and caught Macy. Bright and metallic, it was a scent he knew. There was blood, fresh and flowing and very near at hand.

It wasn’t any of his concern. Macy knew he should keep moving; blood being spilled into the snow wasn’t his affair. He wasn’t that bored, there were plenty of things to do at home. A ton of York’s books he could read and there was always porn, that normally kept him amused. There was no reason he had to even go see where the smell of blood was coming from, none whatsoever.

The scent led him to an alley. There was a light over a side door on the one building that glowed in dim orange amber light and cast shadows. The shadows weren’t dark or deep enough to hide what was happening at the far end. Two young men, in jeans and cheap coats with gang colors tied to their belts had a third person down. They’d quite obviously kicked the snot from the third boy, as the body lay unmoving and unresisting in the snow. This close, Macy could smell two blood scents so it was a good bet the third person hadn’t gone down without a fight.

One of the men standing pulled a belt off, leather and metal rattled as a loop was formed and slim wrists caught in a tight binding. “Get him up.” One said and the pair lifted the limp body from the snow. “Put the fucker over the crates.”

As the lifted the body up, Macy could make out a masculine profile on a young face. Not a boy, but not yet really a man yet either, damp hair fell in curled tendrils across a blood smeared face. He watched from the shadows as the pair dropped the boy across the cardboard box crates stacked outside waiting for the trash pick up to come by. One yank had the boy’s loose cotton pants down to his ankles, so they must have already been hanging open.

Curiosity satisfied Macy turned to leave. It wasn’t his bother who got beaten or who got raped. Happened, every day and nothing he did would change or stop it. Didn’t matter if he played hero or not, didn’t suit him anyway, bad things would still happen. It didn’t even matter how tasty the blood smelled, the city was crawling with tasty things.

“Dude, you’re fucked up!” The one laughed.

Macy turned for one final glance and saw what prompted the teasing comment.

“Fucker doesn’t deserve any lube, lucky I’m feeling so kind!”

The one with his pants already open had a handful of the pure, white, fluffy snow and was smearing it in melting clumps into the boy’s ass. As he watched, the man bent down and scooped up another handful and packed it forward to settle between ass and balls. They were using his snow, his innocent, blanketing, peaceful, pure snow, to rape some hustler that they could have had for thirty bucks.

There were some lines once crossed, Macy wouldn’t walk away from. He turned and entered the alley and while he knew he could walk, even in snow, without a noise, Macy liked the sounds his boots made as they crunched. Not a thought was spent on hiding his presence, or in advertising it, but he managed to get pretty close before the man not smearing melting snow noticed him.

“What the fuck?”

Which got the attention of the one about to fuck the unconscious boy. “Back off cunt, busy here!”

“That’s my snow.” Macy said softly and considered lighting a cigarette.

The pair glanced to each other. “What?”

“That’s my snow.” He repeated as if speaking to very stupid children. “See?” He tilted his head slightly and held out a hand. Fat, fluffy flakes floated down into the orange amber light to glow before landing on his hand, his head, on the alley and across the unmoving boy. “It falls down, coats over the rotten ugliness and for a few hours makes everything beautiful. It’s my snow, now, apologize for defiling it like that.”

The pair exchanged a look again and confirmed that they’d both heard the same thing. There was barely suppressed laughter before the one standing a little to the side pulled a handgun from his waistband. “Bitch, back the fuck off.”

The corner of Macy’s mouth quirked up into a grin. “You’re not going to shoot me with that.”

“Fuck I will, don’t like fucking capping crazy fucks but I will!”

“I don’t give a shit about the boy, I’m sure he’s asking for it or whatever.” Macy’s sarcastic boredom dripped from his words. “Just save us all a lot of pain and say you’re sorry about the snow.”

“Just, pop him. Boss is waiting for his delivery.” The one with his pants open urged.

The handgun fired, sounding both louder in the cold night air and more muffled than it should have been. Three pops filled the alley, three bullets fired and when the third finished, the two thugs found a body was missing. “What the hell?” The thug with the gun actually glanced to the weapon to see if it had really fired.

A hand, slender and pale, closed over the handgun and easily plucked it from the thugs grip. “You humans and your toys, absurd.” Macy was close enough to kiss the angry young man but instead he brought his elbow up and broke the man’s nose. “Really, would saying you were sorry have been that much of a burden?” He stomped the point of his boot into the man’s knee. “Can’t I have one little thing left unsullied?” The heel of the boot came crashing down into the fallen, bleeding man’s groin.

“What the fuck?” The man with the open pants whispered, eyes wide and all his interest shifted from his victim to Macy. “What the fuck are you?”

Macy sighed and dropped the handgun, the barrel crushed in on itself and useless.

“What the fuck?” The man nearly shouted, close to panic, his eyes darting from Macy to the gun to his moaning friend and back again.

Macy just sighed and stalked closer, not even angry, really, but frustrated. The human staggered back away from him and tripped over his own feet. One pale hand lashed out and caught the strong neck, lifted and slammed the man back against the wall.

“Oh, please, please, don’t kill me, oh what the fuck are you?” The man sobbed now, near tears in his panic.

There was a bleeding cut by the man’s ear, and Macy stepped closer, almost pressing himself against the human. He sniffed lightly at the blood before leaning in to drag his tongue at the drying marks. The taste had a sharp undertone but it wasn’t unpleasant. “Drugs are bad for you.” Macy purred and licked the wound again.

“What the fuck are you?” The man whimpered, shivering now at the licking and the tight grip on his throat.

Macy let his free hand slid down to the man’s open pants and let his snow chilled hand cup the human’s cock. It was soft now in fear and shrunk more at the contact. “Not so big now? What? I’m not as sexy as a boy you’ve beaten bloody? Or maybe you don’t like being bottom so much as top? Do you think I care what you like?”

“Please?” The man sobbed. “Please don’t.”

Which just made Macy roll his eyes. “God, like I’d actually fuck you!” He laughed, all menace fading from his voice. “I have standards, thank you very much.”

“So… you aren’t going to kill me?” The man asked in a tiny voice.

He stopped and pulled away from where he was licking the last of the blood from the side of the human’s face. The dark eyes were wide and frightened and Macy blinked innocently at them. “I hadn’t thought about it, maybe I should?”

That made the man piss himself. Macy glanced down and sure enough, where he’d tucked the man back into his pants was a long damp stain. The human just moaned in fear and misery and total humiliation.

“Wow, haven’t done that to anyone in ages.” Macy laughed. “Be glad you didn’t piss on me or I would snap your neck after I made you lick it off. Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry!” The man whimpered.


“For… for…. For pissing myself?”

Macy sighed and shook the neck he was holding. “Focus! You defiled my snow!”

“I’m sorry I de…de…defiled your snow!” The man choked out around the tightening hand.

Macy let the human go and without that hand to his neck he fell, choking to the snow. “See? Not too difficult for everything to be better, now is it?”

The man just gasped for air as the snow landed in his hair trying to blanket him in innocence as well.

“Pick up your friend and get out of here, if I see you ten seconds from now, I will kill you both, and not in a happy, kind way either.”

It took over thirty seconds, Macy counted as he watched the flakes fall into the alley. Twenty seconds longer than he’d allowed but the night was really pretty so he was feeling generous and let them gather each other and their ruined gun up before hurrying away. After they cleared the mouth of the ally, he stood silent and waited. When another minute had passed with no signs anyone was even thinking about returning, Macy shrugged and turned to go himself.

The unconscious boy picked that moment to slide off the crates and land in a bloody pile in the snow. Around one wrist was twisted a strap of a cheap old nylon backpack that got caught in the pile of trash and twisted his arm at a painful angle. Macy stopped and glanced at where the boy had fallen. His pants were down exposing him to the frigid night air, what clothing he had on was thin, cheap and soaked wet from melted snow. The boy’s lips were blue but he wasn’t shivering any more.

“Aw, fuck me.” Macy shook his head and knew he couldn’t leave the boy in the snow to freeze to death. Just didn’t seem right when there was a hospital twelve blocks over. It wasn’t like he had any pressing rush to get home, and there was plenty of time to get the boy dumped off and back home before York arrived. There was even enough time to make cocoa and pose all sexy and ready before his partner returned, so there was no excuse to walk away.

The boy was limp and as cold as ice to the touch. For a moment, Macy thought maybe the human had been killed but the boy’s heart was still beating and he was still breathing in shallow, sad puffs. With a rough yank Macy got the loose pants back up and slid the button into place to hold them there and still the boy didn’t stir. The skin under the nylon backpack strap was red and torn up looking but the wrist wasn’t bloodied.

Macy tossed the backpack over a shoulder and crossed the boy’s arms over his chest. He should have worried that the boy had broken ribs or internal damage but he figured he was being enough of a saint just hauling his half dead ass to the hospital.

Somehow, getting the boy situated to toss him over a shoulder managed to get blood on his hand. Macy licked it off absent mindedly as he glanced around the alley for anything else that might belong to the human. Only the taste wasn’t what he’d expected. It was like popping a yellow colored candy into his mouth, excepting it to be sweetly tart and finding out it was dark chocolate flavored. It wasn’t unpleasant just surprising.

So much so that he paused and smeared more of the boy’s blood onto a finger that got quickly popped into his mouth. A happy little moan of pleasure slipped around it and he restrained himself from just bending over and licking the boy’s wounds clean.

“Odd fellow, aren’t you?” He spoke to the unmoving human. “Hmm.”

If he dropped the boy off at the hospital his commitment and connection to the human ended there. That had its merits, without any doubt it had merits, but it also meant he’d never know why the human tasted so oddly. Maybe it was as simple as a new drug just starting to circulate around the lower levels of the streets but maybe it was something more. Bottom line, whatever the answer was, it wouldn’t be boring and Macy was all for anything that could amuse him.

Macy glanced up to the sky but the low hanging, thick, snow clouds blocked any view of the sky. It was late, or rather, early; he could feel it. Dawn was coming and once the sun was up it wouldn’t be long until York came home. He doubted the human would die by then, if he was taken someplace warm that was. If he did die, well, that wasn’t any different than if he’d been left in the snow and Macy knew he could get the body away before York got home and yelled at him.

“That’s it, boyo, you’re coming home with me.” Macy mumbled as he hefted the skinny human over one shoulder. “Lucky, lucky you!” He chirped and patted the round ass that floated near his face. “Lucky.”


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